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How It Works

How are Countermarks created?

Countermarks are created by Countermark servers hosted in the Microsoft Cloud. The Issuer logs on to their account, decides the type and quantity of Countermarks needed and our software does the rest.

Countermarks can be produced in a range of formats depending on how the Countermark is to be printed. Available formats are:

  • PNG for use in Microsoft office programs
  • CSV Dot files for laser marking onto plastic and similar materials
  • CSV character files for GIS software, used for industrial inkjet printers
  • Special option files (eg for Lynx Continuous Ink Jet Printers) are also available

Once a Countermark is created, all Countermarks are stored safely on our encrypted servers, hosted on Microsoft Cloud. Security is extremely important to us and you can be confident that all data held is protected and encrypted.

How is data attached to a Countermark?

Interactive panels in the Countermark website allow Issuers working with Microsoft Office programs to attach data to Countermarks, define the style of their Countermarks and produce Countermarks that can be copied and pasted into Office, Adobe Acrobat and similar programs.

Countermarks produced in bulk for industrial use have no attached data. These Countermarks are typically configured when the Countermark is used, for example when a Countermarked Tag is associated with a product, the consignment note or other data can be added to the Countermark as the tag is fixed to the product.

How is a Countermark read?

The free Countermark app, installed on a mobile device with an internet connection, is all that is needed to read the Countermark and check the authenticity of your document or product.

Using the Countermark app, the mobile device scans the Countermark and the app performs a security check to ensure that the user has the authority to read the Countermark. The checks can include confirming:

  • the identity of the mobile device user
  • the location of the user (using the mobile device location data)
  • the age of the Countermark

Following these checks, the user is then given access to specific information, such as confirmation that the Countermark is valid.

When a certificate containing a Countermark is read by an individual, their phone will receive a copy of the original certificate in PDF format.

What does the Countermark Issuer receive?

You will have access to a various searchable analytics data which can be used for marketing or market research purposes. For example, you can track where a component has been installed from the end user’s data and this can be used for a targeted sales approach close to replacement time. Similarly, if a document or certificate requires renewal, reminders can be sent.

Ultimately, brand owners can track their products through the supply chain and identify the end users by using Countermark technology. This information allows brands to find new ways to market to product users and can highlight supply chain delays and potential grey market diversion.

Countermark is GDPR-compliant, with the necessary permission requests included for the use of Countermark technology.

What does the Countermark App user receive?

The end user of Countermark receives peace of mind. When a certificate containing a Countermark is read by an individual, their phone will receive a copy of the original certificate in PDF format. Quick and easy to use, Countermark gives rapid confirmation that the genuine product has been supplied - or not!

Whether you are a distributor, enforcement officer, retailer or end user, Countermark is designed for your needs. From failed audits and forged certificates, through to counterfeit products and fake spare parts, Countermark presents you with true evidence.

Countermark contains advanced anti-spoofing technology and confirms the identity of the Issuer to the phone User.

With access to all this data at your fingertips, Countermark will help you to save time and resources. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team today for further details.