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How Countermark helps to ensure that an educational certificate is genuine

The challenge for recruiters and others reviewing an applicant’s qualifications is knowing whether the claimed training and qualification certificates are genuine. A web search for “Fake Certificates” lists hundreds of companies prepared to issue certificates for all levels of education from institutions all over the world.

Countermark technology allows simple validation of certificates, allowing you to make sure that the right people are recognised with the correct qualifications. As an educational provider, Countermark technology can give your candidates an advantage over others with certificates that cannot be easily verified. Certificates with Countermarks can be verified in seconds directly by the people reviewing potential candidates using the free Countermark app on their mobile device. As a training provider, you can augment candidates’ certificates with course content, module scores, independent course accreditation, ID confirmation and any other data that would help the candidate succeed.

Using Countermark on education and training certificates benefits the candidates and their future employers. It helps protect the reputation of your institution and prevents the financial losses due to people buying fake certificates instead of the training your institution provides.

Potential employers can know with certainty that the certificate emailed to them is genuine. They can be sure that a candidate really has the qualifications they claim to have and avoids issues that fake certificates can cause for an organisation; a lack of skills, a gap in knowledge, or worse, increased health and safety risks to themselves or colleagues because of their skills gap.

Accreditation Certificates

How Countermark controls accreditation certificates

Countermark allows auditors to issue certificates that are easy to authenticate and can be electronically withdrawn.

ISO accreditation certificates are typically issued with a 3-year validity period subject to follow up audits. Prospective customers of accredited organisations cannot be sure that the certificate is still valid, the organisation has not changed scope or the organisation has not simply copied a certificate from another organisation. A certificate protected by Countermark can be checked by an organisation’s prospective customer using the free Countermark app on their mobile device. The prospective customer can quickly check the current accreditation status, certificate validity, scope change, address change or if the certification has been withdrawn.

This immediate information gives the customer of the accredited company increased confidence and protects the reputation of the auditor by stopping rogue companies claiming accreditation.

Word Add-in

How to use the Countermark Word Add-in

Use the Countermark Word Add-in to create and insert one or more Countermarks into a document. Follow a simple process to create and insert the Countermark wherever you want it on the page - in the header or footer or in the body of the text.

See how the Add-in works.

Learn how to configure the Countermark Word Add-in using your Countermark account.

Download the Countermark Word Add-in here.

Food Safety

How Countermark tracks food products from farm to store

Food supply chains comprise many different organisations with different IT systems and capabilities, in an industry sector known for low margins.

Countermark allows different organisations to implement a common food traceability system using labelled tags, mobile devices and web browsers.

Scenario 1)

A supermarket is buying organic farm produce from a large number of small suppliers in the UK and overseas. The supermarket sends the Countermarked seals to each supplier and the supplier uploads the consignment data to the Countermark server when packing the produce, with any lab test results or local certification information. This data is associated with the Countermark on the tag. Scanning the Countermarked seal during packing allows confirmation of the origin of the food and the time in transit.

When the produce is received by the local supermarket, the Countermarks on the distribution packaging can be scanned again instore. In the case of a recall, due to a particular supplier, the supermarket can action only containers with Countermarks scanned at the problematic food source needing to be removed from shelves.

Scenario 2)

A supermarket requires many different supplier’s lab test records to be held for several years. The supermarket includes a Countermark on their purchase order and the supplier uploads the lab test records using the Countermark provided. The Countermark system acts as an electronic filing cabinet for the data, removing the delays of trying to obtain paper records and allows the supermarket to fully audit test data.

Countermark is a fast, simple, effective process enabling you to check the authenticity of certificates and other documents. It can save you both time and money avoiding hours spent on the phone carrying out validation checks.

Using Countermark technology to validate documents, you could reduce the risks presented by fraud and it may prevent you from bringing in a candidate, supplier or practitioner who is, in fact, less skilled or qualified than they claim to be.

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